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The SASI Blue Party

About five years ago I worked for the Graphics Arts and Printing Services in Nassau county, which is a part of BOCES (the Board of Cooperative Educational Services of Nassau County). While working there I had a major change in perspective regarding what is truly important in life.

Twice a year BOCES would bring to our facility the children who are most physically handicapped to ask what we do and how to make the stuff we do for them. This made me question, “Who was I really working for?” I realized why BOCES brought these children.

This gave me a real sense of worth to my position, I was working the these children and it was about changing lives and shaping the future for these children who in most cases without this educational support would have no means of achieving their full potential. Yes I was doing Design, making educational collateral material and documentation as well as yearbooks and program guides, etc. The reality of the whole thing for me was that; I could be making thousands of dollars in the city creating material like direct mailers or brochures and or even TV commercials that are just dismissed or thrown out with the evening trash, and these children keep this stuff for the rest of their lives. This job experience had truly changed my life and gave a worth to that job.

My wife who is a member of the SASI board told me about "The Blue Party." I asked her what I can do to help her. I was later told I can donate a piece of work to the auction. So I did…

"Joy for the nullIndigo Child"

“The Blue Party” took place at The Inn at East Wind in Wading River on Long Island on June 8, 2017, which benefitted the Suffolk Aspergers/Autism Support & Information (SASI).

SASI foundation’s aim is to improve the lives of children and their families that are affected by autism, and they offer them support and resources. These include parent support groups, sibling support groups, lending library, social events, birthday party club, life skills program, as well as vocational coaching, among others.

"The Blue Party" featured radio host Dan Romano of "The Dan Romano Radio Show" with co-host Richard Kern, WWE superstar Mick Foley, World Boxing Council (WBC) champion Joe Smith Jr., freestyle superstars TKA, musician Dan Nelson (formerly of Anthrax), comedians Rich Walker and Paul Bond, Suffolk County legislator Sarah S. Anker, actor Angel Salazar from Scarface (with the classic line: "Chichi get the yayo"), veteran broadcaster Eric Koppelman from WLINY, and radio personality/TV host Janet Russell from the Janet Russell Show and Media Magnets, among others.

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