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For the past 37 years, I have enjoyed photography viewing, and shooting. I never seemed to view this medium as a finished work since I always used this medium as a vehicle to give me images that I never had to site and use as my own, because the finished piece was always a painting.

I started in 1987 with a 1961 Nikkomat with a Nikkor 50mm 1.2 lens, it is an all-manual camera I used it till 2004 when my wife-to-be purchased me a Coolpix 4800 which was awesome. The fact that I did not have to wait to develop or even audit a class at my local university to use the darkroom was great. I just had to plug my camera into my USB port on the Mac and import, open, and edit in Adobe Photoshop. A few years later I was introduced to a smaller camera the Nikon Coolpix s550 which was great also. I noticed my wife has a wonderful eye for shooting and she would take the most beautiful shots where I would have to shoot a roll of 36 to get 2 perfect photos.

In 2000 I shot ten women in a bathing suit & lingerie when I purchased a 137mm lens for my Nikkomat which gave me the ability to shoot beautiful portraits of these models without getting too up close and personal and keeping a level of comfort for the model on a first shoot with me. Then in 2007 I was given a zoom lens of 90mm-230mm I loved this lens but it was a manual focus lens. In 2021 I decided to find a way to use my old lens because I was noticing distortions in my phone camera which were not at all satisfactory in my book. I purchased a Nikon D300 DX camera which can support a manual lens. I Love this camera but due to the DX sensor, there is a bit of cropping when I shoot. The FX sensor bodies had high shutter count mostly in the 15K range whereas this D300 was in a 4K shutter count. My choice was on a body was clear, not even my wife's Nikon D3000 was at that low shutter count. Now it's been 18 years since I have shot in manual mode, so I went and learned to shoot in Aperture Priory which is a step up to not shooting in automatic/point-and-shoot mode. For the past three, this has given me the ability to use all my lenses and some artistic control over the outcome of my photos. The biggest issue I have had with this shooting is that I have found that my histogram is off. I am either shooting too dark or too light making my images grainy from high ISO or overexposed. I have even suffered with some compositional issues and focusing problems.

This has forced me to go back to step one, I need to take total control of this unit and re-understand what I am doing wrong as I shoot. I purchased several books on the subject; Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition by Bryan Peterson, The Photographer's Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos by Michael Freeman then finally a book from David Edwards Learning Photography "Shooting in Manual Mode."

It is January 20024 I plan to revamp this site as an art/photography site of my work and not a way to showcase work for clients. I am 56 years old and if work of this sort comes along I will be grateful it has been since 2020 that I have not sort after industry work, but the rest of my life I sort after growing my fine art endeavors. So what I will produce through my camera or my brushes will be what I do. The next step is to update this website.

-Peter Andolfi Sunday, January 21, 2024

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